Three Common Mistakes When Buying Roller Doors

Buying a new roller door sounds easy. After all, you’re only getting a new garage door, so what could be so hard about it? 

Most often, homeowners only focus on roller door prices rather than functionality. This could lead to costly mistakes that take too much time and effort to resolve.

Besides focusing too much on roller doors Gold Coast prices, here are three roller door purchasing mistakes you should avoid:

Style Over Practicality

As a homeowner, you want to ensure your home’s fixtures blend perfectly with the architectural style. As much as the design is essential, this particular concern may lead to issues with functionality.

It can be tempting for many property owners to choose the roller door’s design over its practical uses. Though your roller door may look pretty, it may possess functionality and efficiency issues caused by poor selection.

Always remember to find balance. We recommend determining the key features you want in a roller door before deciding on its appearance.

Ignoring Security Needs

Roller doors are built to protect your garage from various external factors, including intruders and natural calamities. But while this is true, the security features offered by the roller door still perform a significant role in its safeguarding capabilities.

Not all roller doors have tamper-free components or special locking systems to keep potential intruders out. Some roller doors also have poorly reinforced slats. 

The primary purpose of roller doors is to offer maximum protection to your garage, so look for roller doors with several security features.

Neglecting Maintenance Requirements

Some property owners believe roller doors are tough enough to require minimal maintenance. While there is some truth, that does not mean you can neglect to care for your roller door.

Roller doors require maintenance to preserve their integrity and avoid operating failure. Before buying roller doors, check maintenance requirements to ensure you do not experience unexpected expenses and hassles.

We also recommend examining the material strength of the roller doors. 

Aluminium roller doors have increased rust resistance, requiring minimal maintenance for rust prevention. On the other hand, steel is stronger but is prone to rust.

Get the Roller Doors You Need

When choosing roller doors, it is always best to consult professionals. We highly recommend QLD Roller Shutters for top-grade, innovative roller doors suitable for residential or commercial applications.