Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

Are you wondering whether it’s time to upgrade from your old shower heater to the best electric tankless water heater? Investing in a new appliance is always a great idea if you want more functionality in your home.

However, looking at the pitfalls of any appliance you wish to buy would be best. While an electric water heater can make your showers more comfortable, they may also present several shortcomings.

To give you more insight and help you make a decision, below are some of the pros and cons of electric water heaters:

The Pros of Electric Water Heaters

  • Low Initial Costs – Electric water heaters are one of the cheapest in the market. The price will largely vary depending on the type and size. Traditional electric storage heaters are more affordable than compact ones, although the latter is more efficient in energy consumption.
  • Availability – The problem with other water heater models is the availability of their fuel source. You may not be connected to a gas line for gas water heaters or live in a tropical region for heat pumps. Fortunately, electric water heaters are ideal for any location, considering electricity is prevalent.
  • Safety – Gas leaks are more likely to occur than most electrical hazards. Modern electric water heaters have multiple safety features to minimize risks, such as tougher materials, fail safes, and corrosion resistance.

The Cons of Electric Water Heaters

  • Longer Waiting Times – Electric water heaters are highly energy and space-efficient, but they may heat water much more slowly than other counterparts. Gas-powered water heaters can generate heat faster, which is helpful in larger households.
  • Cost of Electricity – Though designed to save power bills, power costs are generally more expensive. You can, however, reduce your consumption by opting for tankless electric water heaters with excellent EF ratings.
  • Power Outages – If your area is prone to power outages, electric water heaters may not be an appealing option. Without electricity, your water heater may not work unless you have backup generators.

Reviewing these advantages and disadvantages is important to determine whether an electric water heater is suitable for your home. Regardless, always consider buying your water heaters from reliable, globally-recognized manufacturers and dealers.