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Top Kitchen Designs of 2020

As people worldwide were required to stay at home and follow health protocols issued by local authorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, demands for kitchen and bath remodeling services increased by 40% at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2020. Thanks to health protocols implemented to keep the people safe from the virus and the people who saw the need to maintain clean common areas inside the home like kitchen cabinet Orange.
2020 still made some things beautiful, and that includes these top kitchen trends that you are about to see:

Matte Black Kitchen

Kitchens painted in matte black has become popular due to their ability to blend with brown, white, beige, and gray, which unleashes the area an earthy relaxing ambiance.

Sustainable Kitchen

This move in the kitchen designing industry is one of the people’s options where appliances and kitchen tools are designed not only for primary function and beauty but also for energy-saving features. New innovators strive for a better and sustainable world as more people are becoming environmentally concerned.

Open-Concept Kitchen

This kitchen design removes the concept of dividers between dining, kitchen, and sometimes including the living room; allowing loads of natural light and a provision for larger space. Also, entertainment and service to guests were made easy because of the accessibility it provides.

Classic Blue Kitchen

Like the color black, the classic blue can mix with different color palettes, mainly when applied on your kitchen remodeling Lake Forest can affect the overall visual quality.

Transitional Kitchen

Usually, this kitchen idea offers the best of both the traditional and modern designs. Examples of these are man-made/standard countertops combined with either angular angles or colors found in contemporary kitchens.

To inspire you with the kitchen design you might want for your home, check out this infographic we made for you.

kitchen design 2020 - infographic