Progression of TV Technologies

The Evolution of Television Technology

The evolution of television technology has been in steady and sometimes spectacular progress. Lately, we’ve seen revolutionary advances in video games, audio systems, computer hardware, as well as a number of other areas, such as Web browsing and electronic documents. We’re also seeing progression in the field of televisions, with improvements in picture quality and size, as well as in the capabilities of DVRs. What’s left out of the conversation is how these new technologies are influencing the overall direction of televisions in our homes. This article will discuss how the progression of TV technologies could influence whether consumers choose to purchase HDTV or LCD TVs, or something in between.

First, let’s consider the impact that digital signal compression could have on picture quality. Digital compression can be applied to cable services, satellite, and PC networks in order to allow smaller files to be transmitted over greater distances at higher bandwidth caps. As a result, viewers may experience less image distortion as a result of this improvement in compression. For example, if you only watched one channel on an HDTV set in the past, and then switched to a TV with improved compression capabilities, you may notice a small loss of image resolution in the center of the screen, but a marked improvement in the quality of the shading on the edges of the picture.

On the other hand, if you were to purchase a high-definition television set, you probably won’t see these kinds of gains. High-definition (HDTV) offers a substantially greater resolution, with a wider color spectrum, and better image elements. However, the improvements in clarity aren’t just a matter of quality-they are a matter of cost. As HDTV becomes more affordable, consumers will tend to make the switch to the more affordably priced technology. At the same time, if we’re still tied to analog signal broadcasting for TV, the advances in digital broadcast could become more expensive down the road. Know more about The evolution of television technology at