The Benefits Of Choosing Florida Prefab Homes Over Site-Built Houses

Are you planning to buy or build a new home in Florida? If you do, you should consider Florida prefab homes.  Also known as modular homes, prefabs are homes that are built in factories in standard sections and later transported and assembled on-site. These homes have gained popularity over the years because of their ability to cut building costs as well as timeline. The following are some of the top benefits of prefab homes.

One of the benefits of prefabs is their design flexibility.  These homes offer a range of house plans to choose from as well as hundreds of options to customize the house that you will choose. Depending on your local building code, you can modify the prefab to your construction specification, whether it is a single level or a multi-level building.

Another benefit of Florida prefab homes is reduced construction time.  Prefabs are typically built in about 30% the time that is required to construct a site-built house. This is simply because construction work (including building the foundation on-site and home construction at the factory), can be done concurrently, something that helps save a lot of time over a site-built home. Additionally, with prefabricated constructions, there are no delays from weather restrictions, contractor problems or material theft as may be the norm with a site-built home.

Last but not least, choosing Florida prefab homes can save you some money. The cost of prefabricated buildings is significantly lower compared to that of a site-built home. The reason for this is that manufacturers usually purchase building supplies in large volumes at a discounted price, and additional savings can reflect in the cost of the finished building.

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