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1980s Candy

At Look Some Of The 80s Candy Treats

The 1980s is a time that saw a lot of  changes in the world, from fashion, music, politics, and so on. Among  all the inevitable changes in the  world during this period, there were delicious  candy discoveries. The following are some of the 80s candy  treats that you may be interested to know or even give a try. The Big League Chew Bubble Gum is one of the candies that were discovered in the 1980s.  It is a shredded, sweet and pleasingly chewy  retro bubble gum that first came into existence in 1980. It was thought of in a bullpen by Rob Nelson, who was a Portland Mavericks pitcher that time. Nelson was tired of all the chewing that tobacco involved and wanted a healthier choice. This bubblegum was a tasty and ideal solution for those who wanted a replacement to chewing tobacco....
1980s Candy

A Look At 1980s Candy

The 1980s is that era when everything was absolutely bright. Neon colors were a cool statement, the fashions sense was completely absurd, and  the music was made up  of overly digitized sounds.  The 80s is also that time when  Michael Jackson danced and sang across stages all over the world, teaching people the moonwalk.  But among all things that were happening in the world this time, there were delicious candy discoveries to be found. Here are some of the best 1980s candy treats you must try. The Runts Candy are among the 80s you definitely must try. They have all the fruitiness you desire in candy. They even come in fruit like shapes as well as cute little hearts. Runts Candy was first produced in 1982, with the original flavors of orange, banana, cherry, lime and strawberry. Thr...