Steps In Taking A PCR Test Glasgow

Corona virus test kit – Swab sample for PCR DNA testing

Today, PCR tests have been incorporated in various fields to detect the genetic material of a virus or a pathogen understudy in a given sample. The most popular use of the PCR test has been in the test for the coronavirus. In this particular test, the PCR test is highly efficient in determining the severity of the infection. The following are the steps followed when taking a PCR test Glasgow.

The first of a PCR test Glasgow is the collection of samples. For instance, in the case of the coronavirus, samples are usually taken by using swabs. The swabs are inserted into the back of the nose where the sample is thought to have the virus. One can get the samples taken if he or she has COVID-19 related symptoms. After the samples are taken, they are taken to the laboratory where they are examined using special machines and chemicals.

The second step of a PCR Glasgow is the extraction of the samples. This is where the actual process of conducting a PCR test begins. During this particular step, the DNA of the pathogen under study is separated from the sample taken. This is particularly the reason why this test is carried out in the laboratory; to avoid contamination of the isolated genetic material. As such, the process is done by professionals who are experienced in the same.

The last step of a PCR test Glasgow involves denaturing, annealing and extension of the genetic material. The process occurs at different thermal temperatures. Denaturing is more focused on altering the genetic material, annealing is focused on making millions of copies of the genetic material while the extension is discussed on making a double-stranded DNA molecule which is then studied.

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