How Commercial Roller Shutter Door Works

Commercial roller shutter doors are designed to provide security and access control to commercial properties such as warehouses, factories, and retail stores. Here is a general overview of how they work:


Commercial roller shutter doors are typically made of steel or aluminium slats that are connected by hinges. The slats are rolled around a steel or aluminium drum mounted above the opening. The drum is attached to a motor that drives the door up and down.

Opening and Closing

To open the door, the motor rotates the drum, pulling the slats up and rolling them around it. When the door is fully open, the slats are stored in a compact roll above the opening. To close the door, the motor rotates the drum in the opposite direction, which unrolls the slats and lowers the door.


There are numerous techniques for managing commercial roller shutter doors. The most typical approach is a user-operated remote control. A timer, wall-mounted switch, or sensor that detects the presence of a vehicle or person can also open the door.

Safety Features

Safety features protect commercial roller shutter doors. These include a manual override and a safety edge that prevents the door from shutting if it detects an object.

Overall, commercial roller shutter doors are a reliable and efficient way to provide security and access control for commercial properties. They’re straightforward to utilize and customizable to the property’s needs.

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