Home Design Ideas for Small Homes

Two years after the pandemic has impacted the globe in various ways, most people are now staying inside the comfort of their homes to stay safe and healthy. Thus, the home became everyone’s haven and even turned into classrooms because of online class setups and workspace due to the rising remote work from home opportunities.

Renovations and redesigning of homes became a more popular trend amid community lockdowns and quarantines, and here are some ideas you may try for your home if you are to hire home renovators soon:


From online classes and work-from-home setups to a base of homemade business, it is now crucial to have enough space to work on your craft with. Your space doesn’t just have to be big enough for you to roam around freely, but it also needs to be presentable and functional to help you with your productivity level.


Having your own desk space is also vital. You may have numerous family members under online classes or work from home setups; having your desk or computer table where you can work peacefully is also a must-have.


As you interact with different people through online platforms, your background plays an essential role in keeping you looking presentable. Having your walls painted with light colors is highly suggested, or having nesting side tables, and pocket doors for a room’s dual uses is ideal.


Maximizing spaces through your furniture is another key to having a limited yet functional space. Tables that can be turned into desks or sofas that can also be a double bed for guests or you alone are now on-trend as well.


Houseplants are also dominating indoor designs, as the number of people who have taken a liking to plants is growing. Some have found comfort in investing in greeneries and are happy to fill their homes with these as decorations. Houseplants also give other benefits aside from aesthetics like enriching air quality and stress relieving instances.

Home renovations in Waterloo and interior redesigning are in demand nowadays, and you may find yourself thinking of having one as well. If you decide to go for one, remember to make a checklist of what you want to have in your new home design to save time and money.

To know more about the latest designs for small homes, you can read this infographic from TRO Canada.