DIY Chimney Cleaning Tips

Winter in the East Coast, particularly in New York, can be cold and harsh, so a fireplace is a great asset for people living in this area. It keeps people warm during the winter and it can also cut down on electrical bills and help save money. However, to maximize the chimney’s use and ensure safety, it must be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

Several companies provide chimney inspection in Suffolk County. They help families to examine and clean the fireplace and chimney. But, when there is a limited budget to hire one, homeowners can do the cleaning themselves.

Before cleaning the chimney, it is best to wait for a few hours or even a whole day to let the fireplace cool down and allow debris to settle fully. Once it has cooled down, the first thing to clean is the surrounding areas near the furnace and the firebox.

Cleaning the chimney means removing creosote, the sticky black substance seen in the fireplace. It is a highly flammable substance made up of unburned wood particles, tar, smoke, and other debris that mixes with water vapor. Having it in the chimney for a long time can cause health problems for the whole family.  More importantly, creosote buildup can lead to a chimney fire.

Investing in cleaning tools and protective gear can help the person safely and adequately clean the chimney. Safety comes first when cleaning the vent. Wearing protective goggles is also important to avoid debris or dust from getting into the eyes. Having a chimney brush also allows anyone the ability to clean and sweep the chimney without relying on professionals.

Cleaning the fireplace is the best opportunity to inspect it and check for damage. Cracked or loose bricks in the chimney can be dangerous as they may pop out anytime and cause severe injuries. They can also be an entry point for fire from the fireplace into the frame of the house. It is advised to call an expert from a Suffolk County roofing company and have it fixed.

A clean chimney can ensure the safety of the whole family and maximize the fireplace’s use. It also helps in the prevention of chimney fires. According to the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, chimneys are among the leading structures that cause residential fires in New York. Regularly inspecting the fireplace and removing creosote buildup in the stack can avoid the risk of a fire.

A homeowner needs to clean and maintain the house, including the fireplace. Although chimneys can be cleaned annually, it can be costly for a family on a strict budget to hire a professional chimney service. This infographic by Long Island Roofing and Chimney details some tips on cleaning the fireplace.