Converting a Tub into Shower

Did you ever use your bath fitter enclosure? If not, then most probably you prefer to take a shower each day. Hence, it may be worthwhile to get a bath conversion. Lots of homeowners go for this renovation as it brings several benefits. Overall, it can improve your day-to-day life.

In case you have a small bathroom, the bathtub creates a visual block that makes the room look tighter. Once you convert the tub to a shower, the amount of floor space will increase in an instant; thus, making the room feel more open.

For people who have limitations when it comes to mobility, using a bathtub can be difficult. By converting the tub into a shower, it won’t just make life easier, but safer as well – it’s less challenging to step into the shower rather than measuring over a high tub wall.

In regard to accessibility, a shower seat may also be installed once you get a shower conversion. A sturdy chair allows those with mobility issues to take a load off while in the shower – an excellent option for those with vertigo, muscle weakness, or shortness of breath.

Often, modern shower enclosures are now available with non-porous acrylic, infused with mold and mildew resistant technology. Also, these enclosures are simple structures that take less time to clean, unlike a large bathtub. When you install a shower, there’ll be less ache in your back and spend less time scrubbing.

If you go for a shower conversion, install shower doors – curtain doesn’t always contain the water; thus, ending up all over the floor and walls. With sleek, new shower doors, enjoy a long shower while the bathroom floor stays dry.

Have you decided to push through with a bathroom renovation, Bathtub to Showers Santa Ana or a Shower Remodel Santa Ana? If yes, here is an infographic on how to convert your bathtub into a shower, brought to you by Duracare Baths!