Applications Of A PCR Test

PCR Test

Before coronavirus, so many people were not aware of what a PCR test was. The fact that coronavirus happened and the PCR test is among the tests for coronavirus so many people are now aware of what it is. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a commonly used technique used to detect the presence of a particular DNA by multiplying it to make it easily detectable. APCR test is used in different areas of biology and has over the years been used in different fields. Below are some applications of a PCR test.

The first application of a PCR test is in the diagnosis of genetic diseases. The PCR is used in diagnosing of genetic diseases. Its use has become more common in determining whether a disease is as a result of genetic changes or as a result of unconstrained genetic mutations. A PCR enables the diagnosis of a disease even before birth through genetic screening or pre-implantation diagnosis.

The second application of a PCR test is in the field of forensic and applied sciences. The PCR is used in DNA profiling to help identify a suspect in case the only thing the suspect left behind was DNA materials such hair or body fluids. It relies on amplification individuals’ unique short Tandem repeats (STRs) on gene DNA to help differentiate individuals by creating fingerprints.

The third application of a PCR test is in the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Like serological lab tests, a PCR test can help detect an infectious disease. The only difference is that a PCR tests yields results earlier allowing for a patient to begin treatment early. A PCR test is useful in the screening of donated blood for any infection. It makes detections of infections that are difficult to detect in the lab such as tuberculosis easy to detect.

Lastly, another application of PCR tests is in agriculture. It is used to identify the presence or absence of genetic modified material in agricultural produce. Furthermore it helps identify presence of a food pathogen and plant breeding genotype.

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