A Look At The Benefits Of Investing In Georgia Prefab Homes

You may be torn between Georgia prefab homes  and the traditional stick-built homes if you are on your way to becoming a homeowner.  Also called prebuilt homes, prefabricated homes, or modular homes, prefab homes are simply homes that are built primarily in a factory before they are shipped to the site for final assembly. The attention to detail as well as efficiency that comes with building these homes in a factory provides a number of benefits. The following are some of them.

First of all, prefab homes produce less waste. It is estimated that a quarter of all non-industrial waste in the United States of America is generated by the construction and demolition industry. This is an immense figure considering the total amount of waste that the country produces. As manufacturing processes are developed over time, builders of prefab homes develop greater efficiency in their production. The builders can more accurately gauge how much material is needed for the job, and the end result of this is less waste.

Because the materials used to make Georgia prefab homes  are stored in the factory, it also means that leftovers are more likely to be kept and reused. Also, the construction materials are less likely to get vandalized, stolen, or damaged, something that tends to happen a lot on construction sites and less so in factories.

However, prefabricated homes require more material in their construction compared to non-prebuilt homes due to the fact that they have to be reinforced for delivery to the site. How much extra will depend on how efficient the prefab home builder is, but it generally falls in the 10-30% range.

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