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A Guide for Pairing Quartz Countertops and Storage

Kitchen countertops are used for many different reasons throughout the life of a kitchen. A countertop is typically a flat work surface in larger kitchens, bathrooms, or food preparation rooms, and other workrooms in general. It is often installed upon and supports cabinets. The countertop is usually placed at an appropriate level for both the user and the specific job for which it’s intended. Some people like to work on their kitchen counters daily, some like to scratch their heads over the top of the next meal, while others like to put pens on their countertops or do dishes.

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Choosing the right kitchen countertops for you depends upon your lifestyle. If you love to do paper work or just spend your time in your kitchen preparing and cooking meals, choosing a flat work surface is ideal. If you enjoy the sound of scratching your stainless steel kitchen countertops, then a flat surface would be best. If you like to do lots of eating and spicing up your food, then the top of your work surface may need to be raised for your comfort level. And if you’re a real chef who loves to cook in the kitchen and wants a surface that allows you to easily flip your recipes over and start a new one, then a raised surface will be best.


There are several factors to consider when choosing the right kitchen countertops for your needs. First, think about the size of your kitchen. Every countertop, including those made from granite, need to be installed based on the space available. Each material has different installation requirements. For example, it’s much harder to have a soapstone countertop installed into a room that’s too small. In order to get a true idea of how much counter space you’ll need, it’s important to calculate the per square foot installed cost (based on materials and measurements).


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