Things To Know About Skin Tightening After Laser Treatment

Skin Tightening

How long does skin tightening last after laser treatment? This is a question that you are probably asking yourself right now if you have decided to give this procedure a try. Laser treatment  can help restore the youthful look that you once had if wrinkles, fine lines and deep folds have started forming on your skin. Your skin can become loose or sag because of rapid weight loss, unhealthy lifestyle or weakened elastin and collagen.

One of the things  that you will love about skin tightening with laser treatment is that the results are immediate and can be seen after the first treatment. However, the benefits of this treatment compound after the second treatment  which you will undergo about four weeks later after the first  treatment.

So how long does skin tightening last? You can expect the results that you will get from this treatment to continue six months after having the second treatment. The most dramatic improvement that you will notice after treatment will occur about twelve weeks after the second treatment. Even though the plumpness of your skin  may not improve too much after the 3-month mark, the clarity, tightness as well as vitality of your skin is definitely going to improve for 6 months after undergoing your second treatment. The results of the treatment will start diminishing slowly by slowly after your body stops producing new collagen at an enhanced rate.

 Laser skin tightening treatments are not painful as some people tend to think. As a matter of fact, the warmth from the treatment feels hotter compared to that one from a hot stone massage. Before the treatment,  a conductive gel will be applied to the treatment areas  to create a soothing,  rejuvenating warming sensation.

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